About us

Garland Farms is located in the Central Texas Hill Country between Evant and Gatesville, Texas, and we've been raising cattle here since 1963.  We feed no grains/grain products.  We use no antibiotics, hormones, or synthetic chemicals.  We utilize a carbon-sequestering, rotational grazing management technique, that naturally builds healthier and healthier soil over time.  Healthy soil grows nutritious grass, and nutritious grass grows healthy, happy, nutritious beef.  Not only is our beef grass-fed, it's also grass-finished, as this has shown to promote the ideal ratio of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids for great human health.  Some call it land salmon.  We call it a food miracle.


J.D. Garland working cows with his grandpa Ollie Garland in 1983.


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